Writing to Music

Posted on February 15th 2015 ⋄ By Sara Cleveland ⋄ Category: Writing

Often as I listen to the radio I hear songs that inspire me to write. And I don’t mean a little. I mean so bad my fingers itch to get to a keyboard or pencil. Sometimes its that I want to take the song’s story and expand it. I meet characters in my head that are screaming “this song is summing up my story, but I need you to tell the rest of it!” Usually nothing ever comes of this urge. The song ends, the magic fades away, and the characters go back to sleep in the back of my mind.

Oddly enough, even though I put in headphones and crank the tunes when I write its really more for the sake of tuning out what’s going on around me. You know, the other patrons at the coffee-house or my husband and his anime (seriously, what is that even about?). But when I’m really in the zone with my writing I don’t even notice what’s playing. Seriously. Sometimes I’ll come out of it and realize the CD must be on repeat because I swear its the fifth time I’ve heard Chainsaw since sitting down at the computer (I like Pioneer better, but I couldn’t find an official video for that one. On a side note, I’m glad to see that the Chainsaw video actually has chainsaws in it, haha). (more…)

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Saving the Dragon – Release Date & Pre-Order Details

Posted on February 13th 2015 ⋄ By Sara Cleveland ⋄ Category: News

The release date for Saving the Dragon is April 4th 2015.

Pre-order for Kindle has begun on Amazon. I plan on putting it up for pre-order on Nook soon. The price for the eBook is $2.99.

I am currently in the process of finding a place to hold a launch party on the release date. As soon as I have details on time and venue I will post them to an events section I have yet to add to the main webpage 😉


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Where the Magic Happens

Posted on February 11th 2015 ⋄ By Sara Cleveland ⋄ Category: Writing

myibook For those of you who may be wondering how I go about doing my writing: I’d like to introduce you to the little Mac that isn’t. It’s almost like the Little Engine that Could, only made by Apple a solid decade ago.

For those who may be too young to remember (hahahaha) this is an iBook G4 (that’s iBook, not MacBook). It is barely functional by today’s standards, though  it does sport a gig of memory (a plus in its favor, considering its age). Just to get a modern browser that could handle Google Docs I had to kick the old Mac OS to the curb and bring in a substitute that could operate on such paltry resources. A light variant of Ubuntu is my OS of choice. Unfortunately, I still can’t have Google Chrome (for you geeks out there, think PowerPC).


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Saving the Dragon – Cover Revealed

Posted on February 8th 2015 ⋄ By Sara Cleveland ⋄ Category: News

Tada! Here is the cover for Saving the Dragon. This beautiful piece of art is curtesy of Jesh. I absolutely couldn’t be more thrilled with the way it turned out. Tell me what you think in the comments!

Saving the Dragon Cover

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Website Update

Posted on February 6th 2015 ⋄ By Sara Cleveland ⋄ Category: Website Updates

Some of you may have already noticed that my link “Back to Main Site” finally goes somewhere other than the GoDaddy default page. Nonetheless, I am proud to announce that the home page and contact page (which a really one page, because yay for single page design) are now up and running. The contact form even works, despite my rusty PHP skills!

So, go check out that sweet jQuery slide action on the main site!

Still to come: an author bio and a book-list.

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