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Posted on August 8th 2015 ⋄ By Sara Cleveland ⋄ Category: News, Website Updates

As you’ve probably already noticed I’ve been a busy bee the last couple of days revamping the look of the home site and this blog. Content hasn’t changed much (yet), but the look sure has. I decided that what I had going just wasn’t working and, frankly, didn’t really fit with the image I want to cultivate. It just didn’t scream fantasy author, and it didn’t really show off what I can do as a web developer, either. So, double fail.¬†Things are still a work in progress, of course, but I wanted to get the new background and color scheme up ASAP.

Things you can look forward to in the near future:

  • A fully re-done Contact tab
  • New social media links
  • More information¬†about the next book in the Penelope’s Dragon series
  • More frequent blog posts
  • Additional updates to the general look-and-feel of the site

So, with that said, feel free to look around. If you run into any bugs in the site or places where I just dun goofed, please feel free to drop me a line on the Contact form and let me know.

Thanks for reading!

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Website Update

Posted on February 6th 2015 ⋄ By Sara Cleveland ⋄ Category: Website Updates

Some of you may have already noticed that my link “Back to Main Site” finally goes somewhere other than the GoDaddy default page. Nonetheless, I am proud to announce that the home page and contact page (which a really one page, because yay for single page design) are now up and running. The contact form even works, despite my rusty PHP skills!

So, go check out that sweet jQuery slide action on the main site!

Still to come: an author bio and a book-list.

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Lessons Learned from WordPress

Posted on November 25th 2014 ⋄ By Sara Cleveland ⋄ Category: Website Updates

I am glad that I opted to install WordPress in a subdomain. Despite the fact that WP is arguably my best option for the simple, out-of-the-box blog functionality that I wanted I have to say that it is a pain in the butt. I’m glad I did not attempt to do my whole site in the context of WP. Here’s why:

Despite my web development background setting up my own theme was a hassle. In fact, if it weren’t for my afore mentioned background I think I might have given up. Thank goodness for YouTube. If you ever decide to attempt writing a custom theme of your own I highly recommend YouTube as your first go-to resource. Spare yourself the often incomplete and frustrating written tutorials.

The problem with creating my theme wasn’t even really PHP, which I hadn’t touched since a whole semester before graduation. Really the problem stemmed from needing to really understand how WP uses the files and the WP functions. (more…)

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